Midtown Kansas City Fights Gentrification With KC Tenants Alliance

Once again our activist friends prove that they only have one "power move" and lack any semblance of virtuosity in their tactics.

Check their latest gambit . . .

The Armour Flats Tenant Union is being assisted by housing rights organization KC Tenants, which has organized four tenants unions so far this year.

“They’ve decided their best recourse is to collectively bargain,” says Wilson Vance, a KC Tenants organizer. “They've decided this is the only way that they're actually going to get any kind of justice to either stay in their homes or to get monetary compensation for the fact that they're being displaced in the middle of winter.”

Sadly . . . 

This benefits KC Tenants more than people who are going to have a hard time making rent. 

Instead, a good contract lawyer and a real estate agent would provide more real world help.

Meanwhile, local media continued to promote this local protest organization and their fight for free rent.

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Midtown apartment tenants form a union after landlord tells them to move out: 'They want gentrification'

Residents of Armour Flats Apartments in Midtown have formed a tenant union to push back against a new landlord, who's not renewing their leases and plans to remodel the units. Reliable Properties notified at least nine residents they must vacate by November 30, and increased their monthly rent by $100.

Kansas City Midtown tenants fight lease non-renewals, rent increases

Residents of a 24-unit midtown apartment complex have organized to demand their landlord retract lease non-renewal notices sent to residents last month.Those notices went to at least nine residents of the Armour Flats apartment complex in the North Hyde Park neighborhood at East Armour Boulevard and Holmes Street, according to the tenants' rights group KC Tenants.Residents of the complex say the landlord, Reliable Properties, is forcing them out of their homes to renovate and double the rent."They decided that it was time for all of us to go," said Armour Flats resident Julie Parle Byerlee.

Developing . . .