Kansas City Mayor Q Doesn't Feel 'Accepted In Certain Spaces' Despite Success?!?

Mayor Quinton Lucas is a graduate of a prestigious law school, he has never lost a local election and yesterday he was busy guiding the First Lady throughout the metro area.

Sadly, just like some suburban middle-class emo music fan, he still doesn't seem happy.

Here's a confession from Mayor Q that TKC readers might find shocking . . .

"And folks wonder why some of us, even when we’ve allegedly made it far, know better than to ever think we’re accepted in certain spaces built to tolerate us, not meant for us or those like us.

"Anyway, look forward to reading more about the total lack of institutional control at the Washington Football Team (the source of the emails) and seeing us blame it on some now-gone “bad apples” and moving on."

The social media missive is related to a football controversy and has served as a worthwhile distraction for plebs who are swayed by headlines instead of longstanding issues like the rising violent crime trend or worsening services for taxpayers.

Developing . . .