We've got a lot more to unpack on this topic but for tonight let's review the best intentions from leadership at 12th & Oak . . .

As the national housing and homelessness crisis continues, Kansas City leaders share plans for the city’s most vulnerable residents to have a safe and warm place to go this winter when extreme temperatures hit. The strategy will focus on 3 key items:

1. Enhanced collaboration with existing shelters to pinpoint available beds and ensure that service providers fully utilize resources, including creation of a new online dashboard that updates bed availability daily, with data sharing across all service providers.

2. Preparing overflow space such as community centers as needed when extreme weather or other emergencies increase the demand for services

3. Creative new permanent housing options, including three new permanent housing projects to be presented to the City Council this week (more info below).

“Bold and creative housing options are the focus in our efforts to build 10,000 new affordable housing units over the next five years,” said City Manager Brian Platt. “Permanent, supportive housing will be crucial to ending homelessness for so many of our residents.”

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KCMO Houseless Update and Winter Preparedness

KCMO lays out plan to help everyone have a warm winter

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Kansas City floats new ideas to house homeless this winter

by: Heidi Schmidt Posted: / Updated: KANSAS CITY, Mo. - As the temperatures drop outside, city leaders are working to determine how to help house the houseless for another winter. Last winter the city housed people overnight at Bartle Hall.