Everybody still loves the star QB of the Kansas City Chiefs but he's now carrying more than a bit of baggage by way of his family.

This statement sums it up PERFECTLY . . .

"Over the past few years, the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback has transformed into one of the most formidable passers in the NFL—and during that span, his mother Randi, brother Jackson, and fiancée Brittany Matthews have become increasingly intolerable to a point where I don’t see how you could argue there’s any who comes close to topping the Mahomes clan as the most unbearable family in the world of sports."

The antics of his TikTok star brother have brought the fam to news lows and we're not sure if even another big game victory will redeem the antics of the Kansas City new money embarrassment.

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Here's A Timeline Of Patrick Mahomes' Family Becoming The Most Insufferable Fans In The World

Here's a look at how Patrick Mahomes' family became the most insufferable sports fans on the planet This timeline will give you a better idea of exactly how his mom Randi, brother Jackson, and fiancée Brittany Matthews have firmly cemented themselves as the worst clan in the world Read more