Kris Kobach Comeback Threatens MAGA Voter Crackdown Redux

We notice that right-wing crusader Kris Kobach has been keeping a low profile as of late but #TBT offers a perfect opportunity to check in on the conservative firebrand who was horrifically betrayed by his own party.

Recently, he earned a mention from, here's the basics of a nightmare scenario that feared by many progressive incumbents . . .

"Trump has embraced the concept of national voter ID laws, as have other prominent Republicans. Early in his first term in office, he put together a commission on suspected voter fraud and placed it under the purview of one of the country’s most aggressive advocates of restrictive voting laws, former Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach. That ended in failure, however, after lawsuits were filed and states pushed back on voter data requests."

Now . . .

It seems that Mr. Kobach is on a clear path to victory.

The only problem???

Other than two population centers, Kansas votes OVERWHELMINGLY REPUBLICAN . . . It'll be a challenge to find much evidence of election shenanigans from a GOP enclave that hasn't sent a Democratic Party denizen to the Senate since the 1930s.  

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Trump allies eye election law push should he be reelected

"One hundred percent yes," AFPI President and former Trump White House Domestic Policy Council Director Brooke Rollins said of having legislation on a set of issues ready to go should Trump prevail in a 2024 election. "If we do our job right we will have a package of model legislation for the federal government and the state governments where they align."