Advocacy for crime victims often leads to criticism of police. But it doesn't have to . . .

Fact is . . . More than anything else a local budget/funding drama and nationwide anti-police sentiment have CLEARLY impacted Kansas City's police department.

This report attempts to walk a difficult line as we identify the key stats via this quote . . .

No arrests have been made in majority of Kansas City homicides so far this year.

According to KCPD crime statistics they've cleared 55 to a reported 122 homicides.

Only 29 are currently at the prosecutor's office.

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'What are they doing?': No arrests in majority of Kansas City's 122 homicides this year

KANSAS CITY, Mo.- From bullets flying into homes, to people shot while driving down the road, shootings in Kansas City happen on a regular basis and majority remain unsolved. It's a reality many families say they expect when losing a loved one. "I have a cousin, his murder is still unsolved.