Kansas State Rep. Coleman Performance Art Cont'd

Only TKC and about half a dozen people in Kansas understand a simple and hilarious fact: THIS POLITICO IS TROLLING EVERYBODY and his tenure is mostly an exercise in performative anti-politics. 

If more people got the joke the dude had a better sense of humor . . . It might actually be brilliant.

Sadly, most of his material is lost on voters with no sense of humor and confused colleagues with their own problems.

The latest . . .

"It wasn't clear . . . If Democratic state Rep. Aaron Coleman of Kansas City, who was elected to the Kansas legislature in November 2020, would face a House investigation into the incident that prompted the Kansas Department of Labor to ban him from its buildings."

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Kansas lawmaker warned in past is barred from agency offices

TOPEKA, Kan. - A first-year Kansas lawmaker has been banned from a state agency's offices over alleged "disruptive, intimidating and berating behavior," eight months after receiving a written warning from a legislative committee about his conduct before taking office. It wasn't clear Monday if Democratic state Rep.