Kansas Rep. Sharice Davids Pushes Prescription Plan Amid 'Competitive' Contest

Despite her cash advantage, there seems to be growing doubt if this politico will survive the "red wave" that everyone knows is coming . . . Especially to solidly GOP controlled Kansas.

Check the money line . . . and note the headline that goes further and describe the former MMA fighter as "vulnerable" in her upcoming contest . . .

It’s not entirely clear exactly what health care provisions will end up in Democrats’ package as negotiations intensify. But House Democrats in competitive districts are warning not to drop or water down one of their top priorities: allowing Medicare to negotiate lower drug prices.

On a call with reporters, Reps. Susan Wild (D-Pa.) and Sharice Davids (D-Kan.), both from competitive 2022 districts, noted that Democrats have made lowering drug prices one of the centerpieces of their campaigns.

"All of us would love to be able to go back to our districts and say, 'Hey this is something we campaigned on that we delivered,'" Wild said on a call organized by the group Protect Our Care, speaking about "front-line" members from competitive districts.

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Overnight Health Care Vulnerable House Dems push drug pricing plan

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