Kansas City Women's March 2021 Review: Black Trans Women Upstage Crystal

As always, we strive to present ALTERNATIVE perspectives regarding the Kansas City discourse and this message uses a controversial point of reference from local politics to identify a cultural shift.

Here's the word from citizen journalist Carlos . . .

Restorative Justice

Nationwide the turnout for the Women's March must have set a record. Early in the week a map said 50 cities were onboard. Early in the evening we thought there were 350 cities participating and later read it was over 600 cities.

So what just happened, had Trump/MAGA/Q/AntiVaxxer's  awakened a sleeping giant? I think so.

Even the first speaker at the Kansas City Rally, our own beloved Crystal Williams professed "progressives have always led the way"!  

Ouch, the first volley of ideas dropped like a turd on the crowd. The white suburban women were in for a schooling that morning had they not been listening. 

Nearly a hundred black women are locked up right now in Jackson County Jail on pretrial detention for failing to post 500.00 bail. It's likely there are 4 pregnant women waiting to have their babies shackled to a bed thanks to Jackson County Courts. The system has failed the most vulnerable in our society.

So how do we rebuild a society that is built on transactional relationships with no remorse for the repercussions inflicted on the most vulnerable? 

Are men really feeling any benefits in Late Stage Capitalism?

How do we set our self interest aside and let black trans women take the lead on the issues that affect everyone today?  

Well, it happened in Kansas City last weekend when we saw black and brown women take the stage with Crystal Williams. 

This was a seismic shift away from identity politics with a new understanding they were all working women no matter what occupation from the sex worker to elected officials. This is the story of the new woman movement arising from the ashes of the old order.

You decide . . .