Kansas City Wedding 'Safe Space' Debuts

TKC isn't really a safe space . . . I'll (rhetorically) smack down anybody who hates on my favorite pr0n stars.

Sure, we're all about education and news but this is essentially a fan blog for Kansas City.

Nevertheless, in order to create a welcoming environment for denizens of an "inclusive" community and craft a clever marketing pitch . . . Local biz has offered a nice bit of branding . . . 

"WEco. is the brainchild of local photographer Morgan Miller. After years in the wedding industry and as an LGBTQIA+ ally, she wanted to create a list of vendors that were not only accepting of same-sex couples but enthusiastic. Working with the Chamber, she assembled a team of eight board members from various event-related industries. The organization is building a list of vendors that welcome same-sex ceremonies and allied corporate events."

Read more via www.TonysKansasCity.com news link . . .

WE Co. Creates A Safe Space for All - In Kansas City

Mere moments after the big proposal, many brides-to-be pull up Wedding Wire or The Knot and start feverishly planning their special day. But when you're two brides or two grooms, wedding planning can be fraught with microaggressions, discrimination, and anxiety that can make wedding planning not quite the dream you've always wanted.