Kansas City Teachable Moment: High Schools Packed With NEXTGEN Haterz

A tradition throughout the ages is to fear and dislike the new generation.

Here's local pop psychology attempting to project the current schizophrenic culture on a new crop of minds that are already plagued by tech overload . . . 

"Some area high schools are struggling with with major incidents of racism, bullying and harassment. As several local high schools deal with incidents of hateful acts, family psychologist Wes Crenshaw says the current political and social climate may lead them to act in that way."

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Some teens are feeling a 'vibration of hate' in our culture

At Park Hill South High School, a petition calling for the return of slavery made the rounds, offending parents, faculty and students. That and other recent racist incidents that have occurred at schools around the metro have activists saying we're currently in a "moment of crisis."