Kansas City Star Stolen Kiss Story: Journalism Or He Said/She Said Junk?!?

Like it or not . . . 

The #MeToo Movement has changed the standard of reporting sexual assault.

Some activists tell us that we should "start by believing women" then evaluating evidence and testimony comes afterwards. 

This is a departure from traditional "journalistic" standards and also a good reason for ugly dudes to walk around with GoPro cameras every time they walk out of their homes.

In many instances, the burden of proof is now on the accused. 

Make no mistake . . . TKC isn't standing up for creepers. 

However . . . At least in theory and under the U.S. Constitution . . . Everyone is innocent until proven guilty.

And so readers must make their own judgements about this story that was politely ignored because, at the risk of seeming indifferent, even the most strident activists against sexual assault understand that politically charged stories of stolen kisses don't really help the cause of women who have endured far greater persecution and hardship.

Here's a note that's better than enduring the paywall . . .

The report states that Stephanie Cashion came to the Star to tell her story after filing the report, telling the editors that she and Fabian Shepard had stepped out of the conference when, she claims, he suddenly grabbed her.

"He turns the corner and he grabs me and he freakin' kisses me," she explained before adding that his sudden actions made her freeze before pushing him away.

According to Cashion, after the first kiss, Shepard stated, "Well, that was weird. That wasn't a good kiss. You wouldn't even look me in my eyes. Am I a bad kisser or something?"

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