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Doggie Tragedy Redux

Dog that was missing days after owners died is found, returned to foster family

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - There's good news to report in a follow up to a missing dog story FOX4 reported online earlier this week . A German Shepherd named Sophie who vanished after her owners died was found and returned to her foster family.

Ted Lasso Stays Winning

Overland Park native Jason Sudeikis to make hosting debut on 'Saturday Night Live'

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Actor and Overland Park native Jason Sudeikis will host Saturday Night Live on NBC this weekend for the first time. Our spookiest show. Our scariest show. Our show with the most Ted Lasso puns.

All Politics Is Local

Make no mistake: local elections aren't nonpartisan - The Sentinel

All across Kansas, people who never thought they would run for office are seeking election in nonpartisan races for local school boards, city councils, and other local offices. Many of them say they feel compelled to run after seeing how school districts and other local government entities blithely stripped Kansans of their freedoms and prevented their children from getting the education they deserve.

Sunflower State Rules

KU and K-State to require employee COVID-19 vaccinations by December 8

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Employees at the University of Kansas, Kansas State University and Wichita State University now face a COVID-19 vaccine requirement with a December 8 deadline. Word came down through the Kansas Board of Regents which said that the Kansas universities must follow President Joe Biden's vaccination mandate for federal contractors.

Tiger Crackdown Underway

University of Missouri halts all fraternity events after apparent alcohol poisoning

About 300 students gathered outside of the Phi Gamma Delta house Wednesday night at the University of Missouri to protest hazing and sexual assault after an apparent alcohol poisoning incident at the fraternity led campus and Greek leadership to indefinitely halt activities for all fraternities.

JoCo Offers Tech Head Check

Mental health, tech experts say watch social media for red flags

JOHNSON COUNTY, KS - Someone is always available to take your call at the Johnson County Mental Health Crisis Line. "At the mental health center you don't have to know what's wrong with your kid or think that there's something really wrong.

Bad Move . . . 

Fide sparks anger with 'gross' breast enlargement sponsor for women's chess

For a sport that has struggled to attract female players, the news that chess has just agreed the biggest ever sponsorship deal for the women's game would usually be universally welcomed. But the decision of chess's governing body, Fide, to partner with the breast enlargement company Motiva is facing growing criticism from some female players, who have called the decision "gross" and "misogynistic".

Prez Plays Cornholio?!?

Biden widely mocked on social media for bizarre hand gestures

Social media users took to the internet following President Biden's recent town hall, drawing comparisons between his behavior and that of the cartoon character Beavis from "Beavis and Butt-head" At one point during the town hall, Biden was shown holding his arms bent out in front of him with his fists clinched.

MWWS Aftermath . . . 

The manhunt for Brian Laundrie is over. What happens next in the search for answers to Gabby Petito's murder?

Now that authorities have concluded the manhunt for Brian Laundrie, the fiance of murder victim Gabby Petito who was missing for a month, questions remain about what happened to both of them - and what comes next. Human remains found in the Florida park where search crews had been looking for Laundrie were identified as his, the FBI announced Thursday.

Former Prez Stumps For Victory

Obama implores Virginia Democrats to wake up ahead of governor's race

Former President Barack Obama urged voters to shake off their exhaustion with politics during his first in-person foray onto the campaign trail in 2021, telling voters in Virginia that "we can't afford to be tired."

MAGA Suffers Tech Trouble

Trump social network given 30 days to stop breaking software license

Former President Donald Trump's new social media platform, TRUTH Social, has been given 30 days to comply with the software's terms of license before its access is terminated. If it fails to comply, the platform may face legal action or have to rebuild from scratch.

Zuck Under Attack

Facebook boss 'not willing to protect public from harm'

The Facebook whistleblower whose revelations have tipped the social media giant into crisis has launched a stinging new criticism of Mark Zuckerberg, saying he has not shown any readiness to protect the public from the harm his company is causing.

As The World Burns . . . 

Spain vows to speed up aid to volcano-hit La Palma

Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez said Spain would speed up aid to the hard-hit agriculture and fishing industries on the island of La Palma, where part of the volcano's cone collapsed on Saturday and red hot lava continued to flow over a month after the eruption began.

Grassy Knoll No Go

White House delays release of JFK assassination files "to protect against identifiable harm"

The White House said Friday it would delay the release of long-classified documents related to the assassination of former President John F. Kennedy. President Joe Biden wrote in a statement that the remaining files "shall be withheld from full public disclosure" until December 15 next year -- nearly 60 years after Kennedy's assassination in Dallas, Texas in 1963.

Tragic Hollywood Testimony

Film crew voiced complaints before fatal on-set shooting

SANTA FE, N.M. - Alec Baldwin fatally shot a cinematographer on a New Mexico film set with a gun a crew member had assured the actor was safe, a tragic mistake that came hours after some workers walked off the job to protest conditions and production issues.

Tragic Perspective Remembered

Actor who accidentally shot and killed Brandon Lee in 1993 movie set mishap was deeply affected

Images of a distraught Alec Baldwin, who tragically killed a cinematographer with a movie prop gun, evoked memories of an actor who remained haunted after fatally shooting Brandon Lee with a gun he believed was loaded with blanks.

Left Turn Winning Awarded

Ty Gibbs victory Saturday at Kansas Speedway leaves Infinity title wide open

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Ty Gibbs won for the fourth time this season in the Xfinity Series, with his victory at Kansas Speedway leaving the championship race wide open. Austin Cindric finished second and AJ Allmendinger was third.

Meth Town Tradition Endures

Independence's 30th Terrace Pirate Ship sets sail one last time this Halloween

It's been an Independence, Missouri, Halloween tradition for more than a decade, but 2021 is the final year the 30th Terrace Pirate Ship will take float. The family behind the community staple hopes the memories will last a lifetime for the neighborhood.For 60-year-old Keith Gonzalez, the ship was his passion, his obsession, his pride and joy.

More Cash For Cops

Riverside among police departments raising base pay to stay competitive

A few months ago, the city of Riverside voted to increase base pay of starting new officers to $50,000 and to raise other salaries for retention. It's been a few months since the city made the change and some say it's proved to be competitive.

Old School Design Redux

Explore Kansas City's iconic Art Deco architecture with this self-guided tour

You can see the sleek, intricate designs of Art Deco style at these iconic buildings in downtown and midtown Kansas City, dating back to the 1920s and 30s.

Forecast For Now . . . 

Rain likely to start Sunday; stronger storms possible later in day


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