Kansas City 'Restorative Justice' Life Lesson Endured

A city college student teaches this cowtown something about healing and why a liberal arts education has become increasingly worthless.

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"You may be wondering, “What is restorative justice?” or, “How do spaces or organizations that have caused harm repair harm and promote healing?” To answer the latter question, we must first define what restorative justice is. According to Justice & Reconciliation, restorative justice “is a theory of justice that emphasizes repairing the harm caused by” harmful behavior."

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Restorative Justice in Harmful Spaces | Her Campus

I would like to preface this article with saying that I have formally done equity and inclusion work for UMKC College Democrats and Sunrise Movement Kansas City, as well as informally for College Democrats of Missouri. This work has taught me a lot about what restorative justice is and the importance of it, but I [...]