Kansas City Office of Racial Equity and Reconciliation Coming Soon

Federal stimmy still powers Kansas City's agenda and in the upcoming week there's a new effort that will ensure local social justice progress. 

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"The legislation would establish the Office of Racial Equity and Reconciliation, create an Equity Task Force and allow the city to accept a $131,600 grant to help fund the office. Under the proposal, the new office would be led by the city’s new Chief Equity Officer. A city spokesperson said Friday the city is still accepting applications for the position."

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Kansas City council committee to consider expanded focus on racial equity, reconciliation

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Members of the Kansas City, Missouri, City Council will have an opportunity next week to consider expanding the city's focus on racial equity and reconciliation. Legislation introduced late last month by Councilwoman Melissa Robinson will be reviewed by the council's Finance, Governance and Public Safety Committee at its next hearing on Wednesday, Oct.