Kansas City Joins Canned Cocktail Jump Off

It seems that COVID turned a substantial portions of Americans into alcoholic and Kansas City companies are hoping to cash in on the rising rate of local human misery.

Here's a paywall tease that offers a peek at the cowtown trend that's soon to jump the shark . . .

Boulevard, Tom's Town capitalize on demand for canned cocktails - Kansas City Business Journal

People in the Kansas City have embraced canned cocktails, leading to exploding sales for both national and local brands. Stuck at home during the Covid-19 pandemic, consumers craving cocktails from local bars turned to prepacked cocktails offered to-go by these establishments.

About the lead image and a bit of educational insight . . . Like many men and women . . . Whatever Emrata is selling by way of booty shots . . . We're byying. 

Meanwhile we know the fun times are just about finished because SNL recently offered a hilarious skit on the topic . . .

Please drink responsibly or at least try to minimize the suffering of friends, neighbors and loved ones that could also be dragged down into your own personal abyss of alcoholism. 

Developing . . .