Kansas City Epperson Haunted House Exposed

Over the next few days Kansas City reporters without any decent ideas or connections will be forced to tell a great many goofy-ass Halloween stories. 

The better ones focus on local history.

Here's a bit of background on an estate located at the city college . . .

Uriah Epperson made his fortune as an insurance underwriter. The house on the hill was one of the largest Kansas City has ever seen. Construction began in 1919 and took four years to complete.

“It had 48 rooms, a swimming pool in the basement,” said Wolff. “Mr. and Mrs. Epperson each had their own suites.”

I'd like to think they died of white guilt . . . However, there are a bunch of funny haunted house stories from that place . . . The best ones involve public sex in a seemingly empty building - A UMKC tradition - and spontaneous defecation out of fright.

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Hair-raising stories surround UMKC's Epperson House

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) - When you look at the old, abandoned Epperson House on the UMKC campus, it's easy to imagine how it might have looked in the last century. Construction of the grand estate finished nearly 100 years ago and some believe those who occupied the house all those years ago may still be around.