This time politicos promise it will be the last . . . But that's what they said last time. 

Of course their decision is based on "the science" which might or might not be up for debate as the nation confronts a pandemic winter and numbers have relented a bit.

Money line . . .

The extension followed a recommendation from the Kansas City Health Department. The health department credits masking for helping drop Kansas City's COVID-19 infection rate over the past month.

While it's dropping, health experts said it's still not under the high rate of transmission threshold. They hope it will drop below that level if masks are required while indoors for another month.

There is one change in the new health order council passed. It will allow exemptions for religious organizations and parochial schools. That’s based on recent U.S. Supreme Court rulings in New York and California.

Catholic schools in Kansas City allow each parish to decide whether to require masks or not. Some are mirroring the public schools with mask rules. Others are not. Kansas City will allow that religious-based decision making.

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Kansas City Council votes to require masks indoors for at least another month

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Kansas City's mask mandate will be around for at least another month. The full city council voted Thursday afternoon to extend the mandate through Nov. 4. It applies to the majority of people age 5 and older while indoors. The extension followed a recommendation from the Kansas City Health Department.

KCMO City Council extends its indoor mask mandate as work continues to increase vaccinations

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The Kansas City, Missouri, City Council voted 10-1 to extend the indoor mask mandate until Nov. 4th. Mayor Quinton Lucas told reporters Wednesday that increasing vaccinations is the best way to prevent future extension orders. "If we get folks vaccinated this is perhaps something we don't need to deal with for another order extension," Lucas said.

Kansas City's indoor mask mandate extended to Nov. 4

Kansas City, Missouri's city council has voted to extend the city's indoor mask mandate.Councilmembers voted to keep the mandate in place until Nov. 4.The indoor mask mandate applies to all public indoor spaces.

Kansas City council votes to extend indoor mask mandate through Nov. 4

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) --- The Kansas City council on Thursday voted to extend the city's mask mandate through the end of the October. Kansas City's extension will last through Nov. 4. The vote was 10-1.

Local health experts say it makes sense to continue masking this winter

With colder months ahead, local health experts say it makes sense to continue masking. Doctors from the University of Kansas Health System say now is not the time for people to let their guard down.They saw people ease up masking last year and hospitals were overwhelmed.

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