Kansas City COVID Booster Shot Distribution Spikes

Like it or not, here's a quick hint that the Internets discourse doesn't accurately reflect people on Kansas City streets who don't take advice from strangers & keyboard warriors.

Money line . . .

"University Health says in just a week they’ve already given out about 1,000 Pfizer booster shots. That’s a number they’re expecting to grow. They say vaccine hesitation for the booster shot has been muted compared to the original vaccinations. The CDC recommends people 65 and older and anyone 18 and older with underlying health issues get the booster."

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KC doctors explain why it might be time for some to get a Pfizer COVID-19 booster shot

Local Kansas City metro area hospitals are starting to give Pfizer booster shots to those that want them. Right now, Pfizer is the only booster available and doctors say if your original vaccination shot is more than six months old you should probably get a booster shot.UMKC medical student Geethanjali Rajagopal says most of her patients are in the ICU with COVID-19.