Kansas City Contractors Can Now Blame Prez Biden Supply Chain FAIL For Delays

Sorry, but anyone who has actually performed or managed even the most minor home bit of construction or repair knows that contractors have a litany of excuses and stalling tactics they use on suckers.

Still, here's a peek at the crisis in the making . . .

"There was already a supply shortage of 3.84 million homes at the beginning of 2019, according to Realtor.com. The supply deficit increased to 5.24 million by June 2021, a jump of 36.4% in two years."

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'What Do We Tell Our Customers?': Labor Shortage, Material Delays Hamper Home Construction

Demand for housing has skyrocketed during the pandemic, but homebuilders and remodelers haven't caught up because of labor shortages and long wait times for raw materials, tripling the timeline of some housing projects. As people transitioned to working from home and avoided going out in public early in the pandemic, interest in housing spiked.