Kansas City Chiefs Fanbois Celebrate Patrick Mahomes' Real Estate Pr0n

Remember that there was a bit of controversy over star QB Patrick Mahomes buying a 2-MILLION BUCK love shack in Kansas City.

A local TV station was forced to apologize for giving out the address. 

OF COURSE . . . TKC isn't sharing any info about location. But we do have a link to pix that are floaing around online . . .

Don't worry, these look like real estate selling hype taken long before the baller moved in . . .

However, they offer a peek at the good life that most broke-ass fans can't afford.

Take a peek via www.TonysKansasCity.com news link . . .

Patrick Mahomes' Is Living His Best Life In Kansas City Castle

Patrick Mahomes recently signed the richest contract in sports history when he signed an extension with the Kansas City Chiefs worth potentially half a billion dollars. Even before he signed that contract though, Mahomes had made it clear that he was going to try and stay in Kansas City long term.