JoCo Golden Ghetto EPIC Voter Turnout Underway

Take a peek at what might be the start of the so-called "red wave" that's threatening progressives across the nation. 

Here's a preview . . . 

“But, I think we could see a turnout rate of 20% or higher for this particular election,” Johnson County Election Commissioner Fred Sherman said.

Sherman says all the news coverage about voting rights is a factor in voter turnout.

“I will always vote. Because there was a time when we were not allowed to vote,” Sherman said.

Johnson County has several contested races at various levels. Including an open race for Overland Park Mayor, between businessman Mike Czinege and Curt Skoog.

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High voter turnout expected in 2021 Johnson County elections

Johnson County, Kansas, is set for record breaking voter turnout this Tuesday. A constant stream of voters moved through the county's arts and heritage center Wednesday. The location is one of seven advance voting sites in the county.