Jackson Mahomes Apologizes For Kansas City Shuffle

First let's define terms . . . 

In order for a confidence game to be a "Kansas City Shuffle", the mark must be aware, or at least suspect that he is involved in a con, but also be wrong about how the con artist is planning to deceive him. The con artist will attempt to misdirect the mark in a way that leaves him with the impression that he has figured out the game and has the knowledge necessary to outsmart the con artist, but by attempting to retaliate, the mark unwittingly performs an action that helps the con artist to further the scheme.

Basically, it's an important bit misdirection . . . Internets outrage pr0n reactions are actually the point of this contrived publicity stunt.

Accordingly, here's the aftermath apology of a TikTok dance party that people with real jobs ignore . . . 

"I want to sincerely apologize for accidentally being on the Sean Taylor #21 at FedEx Field," Jackson tweeted. "We were directed to stand in that area and I meant absolutely no disrespect to him or his family."

Sadly, the dance party and OUTRAGE MARKETING SCHEME worked PERFECTLY.

Football fans aren't talking about more interceptions thrown by Patrick Mahomes in a boring and less than impressive game . . . They're blathering opinions regarding an Internets superstar.

And so . . . 

The younger bro proves to be the perfect foil to keep the Boy Scout image of the MULTIMILLIONAIRE QB intact despite very serious doubts about his future. 

Meanwhile, the plebs are encouraged to eat up news garbage, say nasty things on the Internets about some multi-millionaire youngster who couldn't care less and stop asking questions about the team's .500 record or that Navy veteran who was run over at Arrowhead.

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Jackson Mahomes sparks outrage dancing on late NFL star Sean Taylor's memorial

Jackson Mahomes upset fans on Sunday when he danced on the late Sean Taylor's memorial logo at FedEx Field in Washington. The younger brother of Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes tweeted an apology after filming a TikTok video on the field where the WFT honored Taylor - the former safety who died in November 2007 after being shot during a robbery attempt at his Florida home.

Mahomes's Brother Apologizes for Dancing on Taylor's Number

Jackson Mahomes, the younger brother of Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, apologized on Twitter for dancing on Sean Taylor's number on the day the Washington Football Team retired his number. "I want to sincerely apologize for accidentally being on the Sean Taylor #21 at FedEx field," he said in a Tweet.

Patrick Mahomes' brother explains controversial video that shows him dancing on Sean Taylor's retired number

For the second time this season, Patrick Mahomes' brother has found himself mired in controversy. Fans in Washington were not happy with Jackson Mahomes on Sunday after he released a TikTok video that showed him dancing on Sean Taylor's retired number.

Patrick Mahomes' Brother Jackson Apologizes for Dancing on Sean Taylor's Number

NFL Scott Polacek Scott Winters/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images @@ScottPolacek Twitter Logo Featured Columnist IV The Washington Football Team retired Sean Taylor's No. 21 during Sunday's game against the Kansas City Chiefs, but Patrick Mahomes' younger brother Jackson apparently didn't realize the number on the field wasn't a good place to bust out one of his TikTok dances: 𝕃𝕒𝕟𝕕𝕠𝕟🪐 @GiannisHamler Jackson Mahomes really danced on Sean Taylor's number...

Patrick Mahomes' Brother Apologizes for Dancing on Late Athlete Sean Taylor's Retired Number

Jackson Mahomes issued an apology after he recorded a TikTok of himself dancing on Sean Taylor's logo at FedExField in Washington, D.C. Jackson Mahomes, the brother of Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, has apologized after he came under fire for a TikTok he recorded during Sunday's game against the Washington Football Team.

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