Jackson County Votes To Extend COVID Mask Mandate!!!

More than a year ago the public shamed hotties for turning their masks into bikinis.

Now the COVID mask is the dominant American fashion accessory as new dress codes enforce another season of public health precautions. 

Today's LIKELY YES VOTE at the Jackson County Courthouse has been overlooked and downplayed by our local media given that TKC FIRST NEWS about the similar KCMO COVID mask extension was only tacitly acknowledged by MSM

However, thanks to KICK-ASS TKC READERS we share a peek at the courthouse legislation . . .

20781 - A RESOLUTION extending the County’s current mask mandate order for the health and safety of its citizens until November 7, 2021. (Introduced by Jalen Anderson, Crystal Williams, Tony Miller and Scott Burnett)

 Moreover, the courthouse is putting BIG BUCKS into supporting this effort . . . For the remainder of the year and then some.

5545 -  AN ORDINANCE appropriating $5,000,000.00 from the undesignated fund balance of the 2021 CARES Act Fund to support the Jackson County Health Department, allow the continued employment of contact tracers, increase vaccination efforts and availability, and pay other costs necessary in connection with the fight against the ongoing Coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic through the end of 2021.

Translation . . .

The pandemic will be her for Christmas and local crackdown efforts have more cash on hand then small biz to enforce the public health rules and new normal. 

Developing . . .