Jackson County Outraged Over Lavish Cerner Corporate Tax Breaks?!?

This local taxpayer sentiment has been posted and deleted several times on lesser internationally-owned social media sites.

It's worth considering even if the corporate welfare angst never really seems to resonate among Kansas City voters . . .

"Jackson County increased my property taxes 15% twice in 2yrs, but Cerner’s 2 brand new Innovations buildings increased 0% after they were completed in 2020, and they are valued at under 2 million. 

"Source: Jackson County’s parcel viewer. 

"It’s time to fire Assessor Gail McCann Beatty, and cancel Cerner’s 1.7 billion TIF incentive. 

"Besides shifting jobs from their NKC and KCK campus, have they actually grown jobs in the KC metro since 2016? 

"Their employees have been working remotely for the past 2 years and the buildings have set vacant, so why are we still giving them millions in corporate welfare? Failed promises from Cerner, and an incompetent Assessor are screwing taxpayers."

Developing . . .