Here's How Kansas City Workers Endure Supply Chain FAIL

Kansas City was built on resourcefulness, creativity and hard work. 

A recent article we noticed highlights these attributes that are more important than ever.

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"After talking to makers around the city, we’ve cultivated a new collection of art and goods. From plant-derived perfume oils to hand-painted ceramic teeth, our list of makers highlights the coolest projects happening around KC right now."

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Meet the Makers: Handmade products from 34 locals we love

Looking for local handmade products made in Kansas City this holiday season? Here are some shops around KC we love.

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The Real Culprit in Our Supply-Chain Crisis | National Review

Globalization is not the problem. he supply chain for an Apple iPhone crosses an international border more than 600 times, and if it didn't, you probably wouldn't have one - it would be too expensive. Globalization has come under renewed assault from both parties, and the supply-chain crisis has led to a renewed "Made in America" push.

Tucker Carlson: The Biden administration is targeting blue-collar men

We're going to take you back a couple of February's ago, not that long, but really a different time. February 2019, An American C-17 cargo jet takes off from an Air Force base in Florida. It's bound for South America. The media are covering this. It's a big story that day.

Worst disruption in supply chain since WWII, here's why

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) - Supply chain issues are plaguing our country right now. But, some of you may be asking what exactly is it and how does it work? "I have heard more people say supply chain since the first of the pandemic than I have in my entire life," said Lance Saunders, Assistant Professor of Supply Chain Management at the Haslam School of Business.

How the delta variant and supply chain problems smothered the economy's sparkle

The U.S. economy slowed sharply in late summer and early fall, as the Delta variant and persistent supply chain problems weighed on growth. Prospects for the coming months may be brighter.

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