Forest Killing Newspaper Supports Kansas City 'Climate Emergency' Declaration

Dead-tree media is nothing less than an ecological disaster.

They chop down trees to print week old news that's delivered by an army of trucks mostly burning fossil fuels. 

Sorry but the newspaper is in no position to take the moral high ground when it comes to killing the planet.

Still, this passage reveals they're backing a silly plan to crack down on local industry . . . Except their own.

A resolution to be debated Wednesday at City Hall. It asks the City Council to declare a “climate emergency” — and then to act on the crisis with smarter planning and spending decisions, city development guidelines and legislative priorities.

Moreover and aside from a silly comparison to Portland . . .

I'm not sure if a non-binding resolution is going to save the world given AOC's prediction that the sky will fall in less than 12 years.

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Climate change doesn't care if you don't think it's real. And Kansas City isn't ready

Did you know the air temperature reached 124 degrees in Portland, Oregon, last June? Or that the pavement in one area of the city reached 180 degrees Fahrenheit? Did you know that emergency communications in the region broke down? That dozens of workers walked the streets, handing out water bottles and wet towels to residents?