The same problem that's crushing the American labor market is currently impacting the Kansas City Chiefs. 

It seems like they don't really want to work. 

Meanwhile back in the real world . . .  Media pundits are calling an American labor crisis - The Great Resignation. There's a farfetched hope that technology and Prez Biden have figured out a way to make back breaking labor a thing of the past . . . Or at least trick the Mexicans into doing it for cut rate prices. 

However, economic theory doesn't always play out so nicely. 

Similarly . . . 

The abysmal play of the Kansas City Chiefs reveals the high cost of success, guaranteed income and endless hype.

Put simply and as many of our readers predicted . . .

The EPIC Patrick Mahomes contract, endorsement riches and the good fortune of so many Super Bowl championship players has seemingly discouraged their efforts to return to Super Bowl glory.

This isn't a problem of talent but one of leadership or lack thereof . . .

The front office should've known that EPIC payouts would make the team lazy and Coach Reid clearly doesn't have an answer for motivating these newly minted millionaires. 

What's worse is that Kansas City football fans find criticism of the team disquieting and would rather quietly slink away from the stadium than engage in an honest conversation about the team's shortcomings. To be fair, given that horrific fighting at Arrowhead as of late . . . Avoiding conflict is wise. 

The only real question is: How long will this mediocrity endure???

Given that local voters are slated to decide BILLIONS worth stadium subsidy in the next few years, we imagine that there might actually be a bit of urgency to solve the current woes of the Kansas City Chiefs.

In the meantime,  pointed criticism and just a bit of mocking directed at the team is actually an act of love given so many spineless sycophants who would much rather make pathetic excuses for a team that has lost the will to compete amid so much recent success and in the face of teams who are far more hungry. 

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