Disgraced KCK Detective Indictment Report Roundup

The aftermath of this story faded quickly given that locals will have to wait to see if there's any legal response to federal outcry. 

Just a quick review of background . . . 

"CNN reported on its website Thursday that federal grand jurors are looking into the past of of Roger Golubski.In its report, CNN said it’s learned that the criminal investigation is the result of reports that Golubski exploited and terrorized Black residents in Kansas City, Kansas.Golubski, who retired in 2010, has been the focus of several long-standing accusations, but has not faced charges in any of the instances."

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Former KCKPD detective target of federal investigation, department says

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A former detective in the Kansas City, Kansas, Police Department is part of a federal investigation. In a statement Thursday afternoon, a KCKPD spokesperson admitted that the department has responded to FBI inquiries over the last two years regarding allegations made against Roger Golubski.

Former detective with KCKPD under investigation by FBI since 2019, department says

KANSAS CITY, Kan. - The Kansas City, Kansas Police Department is responding to a recent CNN report stating federal prosecutors have been conducting an ongoing criminal grand jury investigation of retired detective Roger Golubski. Golubski is accused of framing an innocent Black man for a homicide he didn't commit.

A federal investigation begins for former KCK detective Roger Golubski, accused of exploiting women

A criminal grand jury investigation has been opened by federal prosecutors into Roger Golubski, a former Kansas City, Kansas, police detective. According to CNN, The detective is accused of using his badge to terrorize Black women. He also allegedly coerced some of them into fabricating testimony to clear cases he investigated.

Victim's group says they were never contacted on investigation into former KCK detective

KANSAS CITY, Kan. - Kansas City, Kansas community members have been clamoring for an investigation into former KCKPD Detective Roger Golubski for some time. So it certainly came as a shock Thursday to find out a federal investigation had been going on since 2019 and the police department and mayor would never confirm it.

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