Deadly Highway Crash Kills Pedestrian Amid Kansas City Walktober

This month "Walktober" attempts to get locals off the sofa and into the street.

However . . .

In Kansas City we have a consistent problem with people walking on busy highways and in the middle of major intersections.

This problem is worsened by "activists" who blame every crash on drivers and demand more government funding for their pet projects. 

Sadly, bike lanes are not the panacea.

Not every tragic crash is the result of bad urban planning and CERTAINLY amateur solutions can't totally eliminate risk to drivers, walkers and cyclists when they venture into local streets.

And so we remind pedestrians and cyclist to protect their safety as well.

Read more about a deadly crash via news links . . .

Pedestrian struck and killed trying to cross 40 Highway

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) -- A woman has died after being struck by a car while crossing 40 Highway late Saturday night. The incident happened just before midnight on the highway west of Hocker Road. Police say the pedestrian, identified as a 51-year-old KCMO woman, was crossing the road in a wheelchair when she was struck by a westbound Honda SUV.

One dead after collision with pedestrian on Saturday

by: Zoe Jones Posted: / Updated: One person is dead after a collision with a pedestrian on 40 Highway on Saturday. Accident Investigation responded to a call with the Environmental Protection Division on 40 Highway, west of Hocker Rd. on a fatal collision with a pedestrian.

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