Collective Punishment & Public Executions Return To Kansas City?!?

Quick tidbit for Kansas City political news junkies that has mostly been unnoticed . . .

Recall petitioners CLAIM that voters are enthusiastically signing up to SIX FORMS to recall several members of the council and the mayor. 

Nobody buys that.

Objectively, it's fair that people would be skeptical of their claims given that a much less ambitious recall effort against council dude Bunch proved unsuccessful.

However . . .

The recall crusade is having significant blowback betwixt already contentious council colleagues. 

Here's the inside scoop . . .

Consultants and "friends" are pushing 1st District Council Lady Heather Hall to fire her assistant Markus Smith because his wife Rhonda is a leader of the recall moment.

Reportedly, Smith has ambitions to run for council so this push back would also defeat a potential political foe before he even takes office.

This tidbit might have been buried in one of those prog blogs that nobody reads but it's actually a pretty big deal amongst Kansas City insiders. 

Whilst collective punishment is frowned upon by people who don't believe in totalitarianism, many of our progressive friends might call firing some dude for his wife's antics . . . Accountability

Either way . . . 

Otherwise polite middle-class progressives now demand a public execution by way of economic retaliation for this feeble pro-police political effort. 

Sadly . . .

Recall crusaders don't have much hope of doing anything significant but getting some guy fired for his connection to their lost cause by way of marriage. 

And if all of this seems remarkably petty and frivolous: Welcome to Kansas City politics!!!

Tragically, this slap fight has occupied a great deal of time among council as "social justice" now seems to include targeting family members of political opposition. 

Developing . . .