CiCi Rojas Soon To Ruin Kansas City Ballet!!!

We'll make this quick because it's not important . . .

CiCi is a very nice person but she might also be a human tornado when it comes to management. 

Local insiders know the HORRIFIC DEVASTATION she hath wrought at the Central Exchange . . . The place almost shut down after her tenure. 

And then . . .

She was the prime mover in the Guadalupe Center coup against local Latino legend Cris Medina as he fought for his life against the recent pandemic.

To her credit, going after somebody in their sick bed is a move right out of The Godfather and her viciousness should be commended in the context of local politics. 

Brooding about her "power play" is also why we decided to stop giving her a break. 

A bit more context . . .

Whilst our progressive d-bag friends only like to dip their toe in the sketchy world of barrio politics . . . They overlooked Ms. Rojas' politics and her strong Republican and conservative connections. 

And so our public radio betters were more concerned with rumors rather than their part in handing over a 100 year old community organization to a GOP operative.

Nice work!!!

TKC attempts to be agnostic about most things but partisan players and Democratic Party enthusiasts throughout the Westside, Westport and Northeast aren't as charitable.

Thankfully, Beto Lopez is going to pretend to be in charge for a few more years until somebody figures out that half of the old white dudes who read this blog know more about Spanish-speaking neighborhoods in the KCMO metro than he does.

We note all of this BECAUSE for the first time in about 100 years Guadalupe Center has very little street cred or community connection other than taking a few handouts from Mayor Q.

In the final analysis, a bunch of suits from the suburbs won't be able to "hold it down" for very long . . . Bigger and older organizations have crumbled from lack of support and we know their political alliances are quickly fading and will have completely vanished if Mayor Q is ousted. 

Heck there's even talk of a surprising comeback . . . But that conversation is for another day.

For right now . . . We merely want to take a moment to congratulate Cici on her latest achievement that MIGHT OR MIGHT NOT speak to a great many Kansas City Latino community concerns . . .

She's gonna help ruin run the ballet.

Read more via news link . . .

Meet Ballet Board President CiCi Rojas - KC Ballet

Kansas City Ballet Board President CiCi Rojas stepped into her new role in July. She's seen and overseen lots of changes in Kansas City in a variety of roles. She never shrinks from a challenge. As the 2021-2022 season kicks off, CiCi shares her hopes for coming year.