Celebrate Kansas City Star Social Justice Hiring Spree!!!

Credit where it's due, thanks to donations (lulz) the so-called Kansas City paper of record is hiring a bevy of youngsters and old timers to renew their ranks after most of the employees with pensions have been put out to pasture.

Here's a peek at the job titles of their new hires . . .

Culture and identity reporter

Lady sports reporter

Service journalism feature reporter

Pandemic reporter

Two Narrative writers

Opinion editor

Race/equity reporter

Again, this is good news for the newspaper as they refresh their ranks with scribes who will produce content that people might or might not want to read . . . But DEFINITELY don't want to pay for . . .

Read more via www.TonysKansasCity.com news link . . .

The Star hires 11 new journalists as it expands coverage of Kansas City

The Kansas City Star has hired 11 new journalists as it expands the newsroom's areas of coverage. In August, Star President and Editor Mike Fannin announced plans to "dramatically expand our coverage and our newsroom staff" as the company planned new investments in digital and print products.