California Coming Soon To Kansas City?!?

Here's worthwhile news of a progressive wave on the way to the Heartland.

Check the COVID reversal of fortune . . .

For generations of young people reared in the nation’s heartland, it has been almost a rite of passage: Grow up in a small town, finish school, head out for the opportunities of cities like Los Angeles, New York and Chicago. It’s been a major factor in the aging populations and declining economies of rural communities.

But the pandemic may be reversing — or at least slowing — that trend as many people reassess their priorities. Just as critically, the COVID-19 health crisis has opened up more telework opportunities, making life more feasible for those wanting to live in smaller states and towns.

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Pandemic spurs young families to leave big cities for the heartland. Will they stay?

Fed up with pandemic restrictions and their cramped studio apartment in Burbank, Patrick and Emma Janssen upped stakes and moved back to their native Nebraska last fall. At first, Emma, 36, taught writing to her Caltech students remotely, then switched to teaching at a Nebraska school.