Activist Clay Chastain Seyz His Billion Dollar Light Rail Plan Will Get Prez Biden Support

Kansas City's top ranking transit activists contends that his plan is more likely to earn federal help.

Here's the word . . .

Clay Chastain Contends his light rail petition initiative is right for Kansas City and right for the times

When the United States District Court finally orders leaderless City Hall to place Clay's comprehensive light rail plan before voters, as supported by 3,000 Kansas City registered voters, it will prevail in a landslide because it's not only right for Kansas City, it's also right for the times.

Right for Kansas City will make Kansas City more competitive, thriving and livable as America's newest re-engineered city. People no longer want to live and do business in expensive, car-congested and noisy asphalt jungles.  By partly replacing Kansas City's automobile-oriented infrastructure with new quick, quiet and clean (rapid rail / electric bus / bicycle / pedestrian) transportation lanes, we can blast the City out of its economic and population doldrums.

But, you can't find such an exciting inspiring plan at our local City Hall. The elected officials here don't have the wherewithal to imagine such a thing. The petition plan is anchored by a 30-mile spine of rapid rail that will stretch from Cerner at Bannister, through downtown and the northland and all the way to Kansas City's new airport. The light rail spine will crisscross a new electric bus system / the City's downtown streetcar system / a new Union Station Regional Transportation Hub, pedestrian & bicycle lanes and a downtown aerial gondola transport system.  Much of the new innovative and Citywide transportation system will operate (separated from traffic) in new "Greeway Corridors". The new light rail-based transit system will connect riders to all of KC's major job centers and destinations.

Right for the times because...our nation's new and coming infrastructure rebuild plan will likely include a hundred billion dollars for modernizing transit across the country.  Kansas City will go to the head of the line to secure the plan's (called for) ONE BILLION DOLLAR federal matching grant, if local voters have already approved a local tax for Clay's petition initiative proposal.

It's our time, our opportunity and our future to grab hold of.

Kansas City Community Activist, Clay Chastain


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