Yes, There Will Be Fighting At Fiesta Hispana Saturday Night!!!

In an effort to celebrate diversity we must be honest about a truism regarding our culture . . .

Just about every urban Latino celebration ends with a fist fight, gun play or somebody getting stabbed. 

Sorry, but it's best to be honest about longstanding traditions.

To be fair the food and music are better at this festival than most other local events.

Casual observers and gringos can likely enjoy this fiesta in peace as long as they're gone by sundown.

As for TKC . . . The misdeeds of my youth prevent me from attending the event and I must bide my time until alcoholism and Type-2 diabetes have vanquished my former enemies far more effectively than I ever could . . . I'll probably have to give it a few more years.

Here's a bit more via link . . . 

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