What Exactly Were We Supposed To 'Never Forget' About 9/11?!?

Every hack in the world is obligated to pour their heart out on the 20th anniversary of 9/11 and express deep thoughts about a moment in history that's largely misunderstood. 

However . . .

At this moment we consider the words of a world-renowned wiseacre who once said that "the less a man makes declarative statements, the less apt he is to look foolish in retrospect."

So all we've got today at TKC is questions that hopefully invite further contemplation or thoughtful answers from our irascible blog community.  

Here goes . . .

We're we never supposed to forget the Taliban terrorists in Afghanistan who sparked an invasion and a 20 year war??? Nah. That couldn't have been it . . . Given that the Prez Biden White House is now cooperating with the very same group . . .

White House defends calling Taliban 'cooperative and businesslike' in negotiations on Americans leaving

The White House said the Taliban have been "businesslike and professional" in their dealings on allowing Americans to leave Afghanistan, calling the dialogue "cooperative" and casting it as a "positive first step." The U.S. government said it facilitated the safe evacuation of American citizens and lawful permanent residents from Afghanistan on Thursday on a chartered Qatar Airways flight that safely landed in Qatar.

What about Prez Bush? I think we might have been advised never to forget that he started a war he didn't finish and has never faced any accountability for his horrific FAIL to devise even a hint of an exit strategy. But that couldn't be it either because the dude is actually somewhat beloved by many Americans . . . And his paintings are nice too.

Two wars, Trump and the miraculous rehabilitation of George Bush

In early July, on the very same day the Pentagon announced it had completed 90 per cent of the planned withdrawal from Afghanistan, former president George W Bush sat for a rare, nationally televised interview. "Happy birthday, Dad!" shouted his daughter Jenna Bush Hager, a co-host of the Today show.

Or maybe we must never forget the importance of civil liberties protected by the Constitution even in the midst of crisis???

Poll: Americans say civil liberties increasingly at risk

A decade after 9/11, Americans were optimistic about the government's protection of their civil liberties. In the 10 years since, however, public opinion has turned increasingly critical, with many more now saying that the government could do a better job.

Probably not . . . Given that our Democratic Party friends no longer seem concerned with freedom.

Biden declares sweeping new vaccine mandate: 'This is not about freedom'

President Joe Biden formally announced his plan to force companies with more than 100 employees to vaccinate workers against the coronavirus or test them weekly and dismissed concerns about encroaching on personal freedoms. "This is not about freedom or personal choice," Biden said during a Thursday address to the nation.

Remember back in the early 2000s cynical souls said the hot mess that sparked 9/11 was related to a U.S. alliance with Saudi Arabia . . . But now the desert royal family is getting cozy with China and American missile defense is pulling out . . .

US pulls missile defenses in Saudi Arabia amid Yemen attacks

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates -- The U.S. has removed its most advanced missile defense system and Patriot batteries from Saudi Arabia in recent weeks, even as the kingdom faced continued air attacks from Yemen's Houthi rebels, satellite photos analyzed by The Associated Press show.

Or maybe we must "never forget" the importance of immigration rules and regs in order to defend the homeland . . . TKC remembers that Latinos took a rhetorical beating on this topic for more than a decade until it turned out that a growing number of Hispanics vote more reliably conservative than most middle-class whites. Even former Prez Trump eased up on the Mexicans during his failed reelection bid. Thankfully, progressives have always been consistent in their love of open borders for better and worse . . .

Biden doesn't require migrants at border to get vaccinated despite mandate on Americans

The Biden administration is not planning to vaccinate the nearly 200,000 migrants who are showing up on the border each month, despite imposing mandates on federal workers and private businesses nationwide.

Nevertheless and despite it all . . . 

Nobody is really clear about what we were supposed to "never forget" about 9/11 and the constant stream of disaster pr0n rebroadcast today is mostly self-indulgent garbage that summons disgustingly sentimental nostalgia without offering any substance, insight or historic lesson so that the U.S. doesn't repeat the same mistakes which preceded the horrific events of 9/11 - An iconic moment in time that's now mostly without any readily identifiable meaning.