Weed Tell-All Claims Top Athletes From Kansas City Play Stoned

This tome makes a few bold claims and YES there is a local connection as the public and police are forced to partake in the pointless charade of marijuana prohbiition in the last few remaining years before decriminalization takes hold.

Backstory . . .

Author Josiah Hesse explores the open secret of stoned athletes in his new book “Runner’s High” - Hesse details his findings in his new book, “Runner’s High,” going deep into the underreported culture of “cannabis-fueled athletes” and chronicling how runners from diverse backgrounds use the drug to train, recover and compete.

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Weed helped turn him into an ultrarunner - and he's far from the only one

Denver writer Josiah Hesse was hungry for a new addiction when he picked up some running shoes and threw himself into the sport. He'd heard about the coveted runner's high - and how health-conscious adults were willing to sacrifice sleep to experience it - and he wanted a taste for himself.