TKC Question: Will Cop Killed End Mean Jean's Political Career?!?

A lot of people forget this not-so-fun fact BUT the Jackson County Prosecutor is an elected position.

A few months before the 2020 election wherein the Show-Me State Democrats were STOMPED by the GOP . . . Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker resigned as Missouri Democratic Party Chair

Yes, we have no doubt the Prosecutor is dedicated to her job. She is a tireless public servant and she is focused on her fulfilling the duties of her office . . . But she's not in this line of work for her health. 

Fair or not . . .

There are, in fact, political ramifications for the overwhelming level of antipathy confronting the Jackson County Prosecutor's office right now.

And so we ask . . .


At one time her name was at the top of the list to run for Senator.

But then Nicole "All Personality" Galloway reminded hapless Missouri Democratic Party leaders that white women don't turn out votes in predominately Black communities. Sorry, but the Midwest is NOT the set of an MSNBC talk show. 

And so . . .

- An outpouring of social media criticism attacking her job performance has hit social media.

- A petition demanding her resignation just passed 7,000 signitures.

- And very few (if any) of her political allies have come to her defense . . . On this topic the silence is DEAFENING at 12th & Oak.

Kansas City loves to encourage progressive leaders . . . From a safe distance. 

And right now the Jackson County Prosecutor has very little support for so many "progressives" who she has struggled to align with over the past year. 

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