TKC Is NOT Sending You Text Messages, Learn Your Phone!!!

Okay, so today airport consultants sent out texts that include a link from TKC. 

However . . .

That ain't me. 

Whilst it's nice to be included in the local discourse . . . 

This blog doesn't have the cash for an e-mail and text marketing campaign and frankly I'm not sure that we want any more readers . . . A lot of you are getting too demanding and annoying as it is. 

And so . . .

Because a great many seniors and functional alcoholics now have access to cutting edge smartphone tech . . . They see the blog's name and blame me.

But it's not my number and, again, this blog doesn't have the ambition to phone SPAM.

Per ushe, I blame the victims. 

Somehow you got yourself onto sketchy lists and now you're looking to lash out. 

Is this a #MeToo controversy considering that TKC has also been victimized in this situation???

Probably not. 

However, we're encouraging late adopters to manage their mobile phone settings and stop blaming other people for their white people problems. 

Developing . . .