Teachable Moment: Middle School Curriculum Now Includes COVID Mask Obedience?!?

Public health conversation is nice and most people want to help stop the spread of the plague.

However, in practical terms . . . There's no question that the pandemic has severely limited a great many basic American freedoms and handed over "enforcement" to some (but not all) people who have become mad with power. 

One example out of many . . . 

After several warnings to wear his mask properly, she said a teacher told him to either tape his mask to his face -- or head to the principal's office.

In order to avoid trouble, SHE said her son and two other students taped their masks to their faces.

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Blue Valley mom says teacher forced son to tape mask to face in classroom

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. - A local mother said her son is now hesitant to go to class after a teacher did what she calls "unthinkable." Tabitha Berry said the classroom hasn't been the same for her eighth grade son at Overland Trail Middle School for the past week.