Super Minority Missouri Democratic Party Demands Exhibit Equity

There are a great many things Missouri Democratic Party leaders could demand . . .

More public safety funding for urban areas amid a spike in crime.

Tuition assistance for gifted minority and urban students who need help with college. 

Housing consideration and help as the eviction crisis takes hold.

Ore maybe a statewide focus on addiction given that both rural and urban areas are confronting a continued overdose and substance abuse crisis.

Voters might be inspired leadership and thoughtful statements about issues that impact their everyday lives.

Instead . . . 

Historical exhibits dominate the agenda of a party that seems hopelessly mired in culture war minutiae and gamesmanship.

Example . . .

"Missouri Gov. Mike Parson said the LGBTQ exhibit was removed last week because it didn't receive approval from a state board. By that logic, Democrats say all exhibits currently on display should be removed."

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Democrats Demand LGBTQ Exhibit Return To Missouri Capitol Or Other Exhibits Be Removed

If an LGBTQ history exhibit was removed from the Missouri Capitol because it didn't get pre-approval from a specific board, then every exhibit on display that didn't get approved must also be removed, House Minority Leader Crystal Quade argued in a letter to state officials on Wednesday.