Show-Me Wind Farm Shut Down To Avoid Killing Bats

Given that this entire COVID plauge MIGHT have been caused by a nasty bat chopped up and served to foodies . . . Maybe the abundance of caution is justified.

Here's the story . . .

"So despite Ameren’s good faith efforts to protect the bats, in June, it voluntarily stopped running the turbines at night, said Karen Herrington, a field supervisor for the Missouri Ecological Services Field Office of the USFWS. 

"It’s the only wind farm in Missouri that Herrington said she is aware of that has had to stop operating at night to avoid bat kills. Ameren is currently seeking a rate increase from customers worth nearly $300 million, including costs from High Prairie that it hopes to recover from ratepayers. 

"But consumer and business advocates filed testimony estimating that the wind farm is only operational about 75% of the year. They want Ameren to recoup far less of those proceeds."

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Missouri's largest wind farm isn't running at night for fear of killing endangered animals * Missouri Independent

"To be clear, the High Prairie Wind Farm has been curtailed from before dusk to after dawn since April 19, 2021," Geoff Marke, chief economist for the Missouri Office of the Public Counsel said in sworn testimony filed last week with the Missouri Public Service Commission.