Show-Me Sen. Hawley Scathing Letter Against Prez Biden Vaxx Mandate

The Missouri political firebrand is raising his fist against Prez Biden this time around and in conjunction with about every Republican in the nation.

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"I support vaccination, and I have encouraged individuals in my state to receive one, where it is consistent with their medical needs and religious faith," Hawley said. "But vaccination should be an individual decision based on choice, not required by the federal government – or worse, required through midnight emergency regulations of the administrative state."

Hawley said the reversal from the White House was not due to the slow pace at which Americans are getting vaccinated but alleged it was due to the "botched" withdrawal from Afghanistan.

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Hawley pens scathing letter to Biden admin demanding answers about 'unlawful' vaccine mandate

In a Friday letter, Missouri Republican Sen. Josh Hawley called on Department of Labor Secretary Martin Walsh to block an order by President Biden that would allow for a sweeping vaccine mandate.