Show-Me Political War Of Words Over COVID Masks!!!

Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt is suing Jackson County & KCMO over COVID mask mandates.

Today he delivered an e-mail blast to constituents that attempted to nullify mask orders . . . Check the money line via TKC . . . 

“I direct that any resident or visitor subject to any physical or legal disability—including any minor under the age of 18—is exempt from the mask-wearing mandate under Section 3.B.2 of the ordinance, provided that he or she (or a parent or guardian, in the case of minors) believes that wearing a mask or face covering will have any significant adverse impact on their personal, mental, or physical welfare. It is also the legal direction of my office that face coverings or masks constitute ‘a substantial impairment to … health and well-being’ for minors, especially for young children, as medical studies have concluded.”

A reply came moments later in the form of a joint statement from Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas and Jackson County Executive Frank White, Jr. in response to the Attorney General:

“The Attorney General’s letter has no legal impact and makes no rational sense. Kansas City’s and Jackson County's orders remain in effect and we stand by them to keep our young people and all people safe, particularly at a time of rising infections for those 18 and under. We will protect the children of this community while the Attorney General continues to rail against responsible public health guidance to support his political campaign endeavors."

Developing . . .