Show-Me McCloskey Gun Rights Revoked Amid Missouri Senate Run?!?

Missouri is rather permissive with gun rules. 

However, political opponents of this otherwise repellent couple seemingly take objection to their brazen display of firearms.

Meanwhile, TKC has talked to a few staunch advocates of gun rights about this hot mess and most of the sentiment from REAL LIFE gun rights proponents seems to be that the hot mess is purely political. 

Translation . . . Brandishing weapons, displaying exceptionally poor form and yelling at BLM isn't a good look for people who really care about the 2nd Amendment and advocate for RESPONSIBLE gun ownership. 

And  yes, we know about the debate over the "broken gate" excuse that FAILED to resonate with the general public or the courts. 

Check the money line . . .

"Missouri Chief Disciplinary Counsel Alan Pratzel, in a court filing, cited Mark and Patricia McCloskey's guilty pleas to misdemeanors stemming from the June 2020 encounter. Pratzel’s office is responsible for investigating ethical complaints against Missouri lawyers."

Read more via news link . . . 

Missouri official asks court to suspend law licenses of couple that waved guns at protesters in June 2020

ST. LOUIS - A Missouri official is asking the state Supreme Court to suspend the law licenses of a St. Louis couple who gained national attention last year when they waved guns at racial injustice protesters outside their home.

You decide . . .