Second Guessing The Future Of Kansas City Chiefs

Special thanks to a KICK-ASS TKC READER for sending this thoughtful skepticism of hype from Kansas City's favorite pro-sports team. 

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Counterpoint: So are we going to accept the Chiefs' line on Andy Reid?

TKC, now that Andy Reid is back at work after a few days of rest and relaxation my question is did the city really buy the Chiefs corporate line about dehydration? 

What many people don't know is what kind of medical staff and equipment they have at Arrowhead and their practice facility. They have everything from bandages to x-rays. 

There is more medical equipment at the finger tips of the Chiefs medical staff than there is at your local urgent care clinic. 

So when I heard that Reid went to the hospital for dehydration, I had to scratch my head. Normally, if that happens, staff just give you a few Gatorades or Pedialytes, wait and hour and your on your way. 

When I first heard that a morbidly obese, 63-year-old with a highly stressful job went to the hospital, my first reaction was he had a heart attack or stroke. Not dehydration. 

Part of me now wonders the reason why Eric Bieniemy hasn't taken a head coaching job somewhere is because Andy isn't that too far from retirement and maybe Reid all but promised Bieniemy the job. And if this latest health scare was more then dehydration that may come as soon as this off-season. 


All thing considered this is an EXCELLENT analysis and worthy of consideration for the overnight. 

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