Scumbag Shawnee Ray Trolls Mayor Distler For An Apology

Fun fact for people who take flyover country politics too seriously . . .

Suburban cops raided some white lady's house because of Internet beef. 

That really happened because the "political class" (lulz) of Shawnee live quiet lives of desperation and only take joy in tearing down each other. 

Here's an example . . .

Shawnee Ray is trolling the Mayor about a story everyone has already forgotten and demanding an apology.

It's funny stuff in a REALLY pathetic way . . . Like watching homeless people argue at the bus stop OR a fat guy demand more toppings at a sub shop.

Well I got those toppings . . . And it turns out they didn't fill the hole inside of me that only kindness and respect for humankind could occupy.

And so, for purely ethnographic purposes this news link offers a glimpse of a guy who couldn't let his go of a "blogging achievement" (lulz) in order to offer a bit of mercy to a white lady in search of a second chance . . . Check-it and don't ever say this blog wasn't benevolent and a force for the greater good . . .

The Distler Dilemma - Part 3

Well it looks like our illustrious mayor still has not apologized publicly for her illegal, immoral and unethical actions. For those who need some background you can read the info at: this posting from 2/16/2021 and, this posting from 5/19/2021 If you want to read a copy of the affidavit that the JoCo DA's office used to obtain the arrest warrant you can do so by clicking here for the link.