Rock Chalk Rape Charge Outrage Proves Effective Against Frat

A lot of TKC readers might play the part of reactionary on story and claim that "woke" mobs are getting out of control.

If all things were equal . . . That might be correct. 

But, in fact, all things are not equal. 

For generations KU has been a pretty sketchy campus and date rape is more common than any parent would care to understand. 

The protest in support of rape allegations might be overzealous but they merely represent a cultural shift against frat culture that's also equally worthless.   

And so . . .

The most important development is that authorities have ramped up their investigation. 

Which probably/hopefully would've happened without a mini-riot.

Read more via news link . . .

Hundreds Of KU Students Protest Repeatedly At A Fraternity Over Sexual Assault Allegation

LAWRENCE, Kansas - An allegation of sexual assault at a University of Kansas fraternity has brought hundreds of students to protests outside the house, incited calls for its removal and prompted investigations by the university and by city police.

Lawrence police investigating sexual battery that happened Sunday near KU campus

LAWRENCE, KS (KCTV) -- Today, the KU Public Safety Office posted about a sexual battery that is being investigated. They say that the Lawrence Police Department received a report about a sexual battery that happened on Sept. 12 around midnight in the 1000 block of Alabama St.

Developing . . .