Rock Chalk Quits: KU Med FAILS Front Line Workers

The leaders at this institution have been dutifully nagging Kansas City for more than a year.

Now it seems that workers are abandoning the hospital amid concerns over working conditions. 

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"Administrators at the University of Kansas Health System report 15 respiratory therapists have left their positions at the hospital within the past month due exhaustion and frustration. That puts more strain on a medical staff that was already short-staffed at a hospital that’s 88% filled."

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Kansas City hospital sees over a dozen respiratory therapists quit from exhaustion, frustration

KANSAS CITY, Kan. - It's another toll of the pandemic, one that goes past the case numbers and loss of life. Healthcare providers on the frontlines remain burned out and exhausted. Long hours, demanding situations and watching unvaccinated patients die has a recognizable effect on hospital workers.